The SWAC Made the Right Move

By Alex Hines
Senior Editor 

Alex Hines, Senior Editor

The Southwestern Athletic Conference has announced that it is canceling fall sports for 2020 over the concerns of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It was the correct decision. The conference decided to put the safety of the student/athletes over playing men’s and women’s sports for the fall.

For us HBCU sports fans, it was a disappointment to hear that there will be no football in September. Usually, at this time, I am getting ready to buy my Labor Day Football Classic tickets and make my hotel reservations for the Virginia State/Norfolk State game. But the measures that the conference took to preserve the safety of the student-athletes is much more important. The student-athletes who we would have seen are more than just for us to get our Saturday HBCU football fix and other sports such as women’s soccer, women’s volleyball and men’s and women’s cross country. They are someone’s child and we should not want any parent to go through their child contracting COVID-19 just for us to watch them play sports.

This is something that should have been done weeks ago. Our HBCUs should have been among the first to make this move. It is important for our institutions to set a standard.

Yes, we will miss having black college football games this fall, along with the classics and the bands. But in light of COVID-19, for now, push pause and then maybe hit play for fall sports in January. The safety of our student-athletes and children is top priority. The SWAC gets kudos for doing this. Let us pray that we have live HBCU sports events to attend in 2021 and that the COVID-19 pandemic is gone for good.

Empty seats and scoreboards are an acceptable price to pay to help keep athletes safe as we confront the pandemic.



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