What is Justin Fields Thinking?

Willie Alex Hines
Senior Editor

By Willie Alex Hines
Senior Editor

Ohio State QB Justin Fields starts petition to relaunch Big Ten Season. Even with the rise of COVID-19 cases in certain states, he wants to play Football this season. We, as African American sports fans, want to know what is he thinking?

Mr. Fields is like the those who he is serving, and he is doing their bidding. They want sports over everything else including the safety of others. Here you have a young black man leading the way to make sure his money master will have an opportunity to have an unnecessary football season.

Mr. Fields, you play for Ohio State, who plays in the Big Ten and they made the decision not to play football or any other fall sports this year. This decision is to be respected for the safety and health of all athletes. Mr. Fields feels that he needs to decide what is best for his future and health. Well, the Big Ten knows more than he does when it comes to what is best for him, in my opinion. Respect the conference for its decision, whether you like it or not. Just because you are a young adult and a superstar quarterback, does not mean you know what is best. The Big Ten is respectful of you as a person and your health and safety. That should make Mr. Fields respect that, instead, the black man is the ringleader to make sure the rich P5 conferences get their money off of his back, no matter if it put his health at risk or not.

Mr. Justin Fields should be thankful to God that the Big Ten for once put the health and safety of its athletes when they decided not to have fall sports. For once, African-Americans in one of the biggest P5 Conferences should applaud the decision, but you have Mr. Fields pushing this to give them their sports and serve his master. We see Mr. Justin Fields was not thinking when putting this petition in motion. Mr. Justin Fields, wake up and end the petition now.

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