Deion Sanders Wants to Coach

By Willie Alex Hines
Senior Editor

Willie Alex Hines
Senior Editor

Deion Sanders, who graduated last month with a degree in business from Talladega College, a HBCU in Alabama, knows what he wants to do next. He wants to be a head football coach.

Sanders, who is currently the offensive coordinator at Trinity High School in Texas, has been telling people that by next year, he will become a head coach.

The rumor started when it was reported that he met with officials at Jackson State University about its head coaching job. Sanders’ meeting with Jackson State came while Trinity was in Mississippi to play a game. Jackson State officials have denied the rumor.

I don’t know how serious the Hall of Fame cornerback and TV commentator is about being a coach, but I think Jackson State should give him a chance, if that’s what Sanders wants.

Hiring Sanders to coach at Jackson State, or any HBCU, could be a win for the school and for him. The school that hires Sanders can have someone with major name recognition who can assist in fundraising.  It would also give recognition to the school and the conference to have someone like Sanders on the sidelines. As for “Prime Time,” it will give him the opportunity to show whether he is really coaching material; to show if he has what it takes to build a successful football program. Great players don’t always make great coaches, but Sanders’ experiences on the field and in life would prove valuable to a program and the young men.

Our HBCUs are getting more attention these days, having Deion Sanders join a coaching staff would only brighten the spotlight. I see it as a good move.

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