Will the MEAC Play 2021 Spring Football?

Willie Alex Hines
Senior Editor

By Willie Alex Hines
Senior Editor

The Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC) has a plan in place to play football and other sports in the spring. We as HBCU sports fans want to know if the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) will do the same.

The SWAC leadership group made their decision a couple of weeks ago and the MEAC should follow suit. Because of the leadership’s lack of swift decision making, three players have left their respective MEAC schools to play for other schools to improve their chances of being drafted in 2021. They are all NFL prospects for 2021 and the MEAC might lose more players if they do not make a decision soon to play spring football.

Making a decision soon will give the football players and other athletes the assurance that they will have a season. If not, then that will allow the athletes to find other places to play. Specifically talking about football, the MEAC should play football in the spring and also arrange a game against the SWAC at the end of the season.

It’s also puzzling why the MEAC leadership has been less forthcoming with plans for expansion after the departure of three of its schools with large fan bases. North Carolina A&T, Florida A&M and Bethune-Cookman have all departed. One has to wonder what is becoming of the MEAC long term.

If there is a plan, the MEAC needs to make that decision soon to show that leadership is still strong and let their fan base know whether there will be football and other sports in 2021. MEAC: The ball is in your hands. Let us know something. Soon. Please.

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